bronze fabrication
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Bronze Fabrication
The custom metal fabrication of bronze is often used for doors, door handles, trim
on elevators, wall panels,  reception desks, and ceiling panels.
NSF Certified
Bronze Fabrication for casinos,
hotels,restaurants and retail stores.
The Associated General Contractors of America
metal fabrication
bronze fabrication, custom metal fabrication, door handles, elevator trim, wall panels, reception desks, ceiling panels, press brake
forming, metal shearing
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custom metal fabrication
Some disadvantages are that it is more expensive than brass and it
can develop a patina as a result of long exposure to moist air.
such as high strength, hardness, corrosion resistance and its wear
resistance. Use bronze when you wish to have a custom design cast
or when you need a deep rich color for your project.
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Custom Metal Fabrication
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